Our Business

As professionals and businessmen, the Crescent Pilots’ persistently strive to further economic development through port enhancement, and by working with the industry to fulfill their needs. As citizens, the Pilots strive to take on leadership roles in efforts to improve the communities in which they live. The Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association is proud to support organizations like the United Way, the Red Cross and Children’s Hospital, as well as many other charities, and community organizations through the Crescent River Pilots’ Foundation.
Since 1908, Crescent Pilots have kept commerce flowing safely and smoothly on the Mississippi River. From safety to commerce to new developments, the Crescent Pilots have always been major supporters of the betterment of the State of Louisiana and will continue to work hard to provide the best service they can offer to the state.



The Crescent River Port Pilots are at the heart of waterborne commerce. Last year the Crescent River Port Pilots piloted over 17,000 vessels into, out of, or through the Lower Mississippi River.