The Crescent River Port Pilots' Association has been on the forefront of environmental issues. Long before the environmental movement of today, the Crescent Pilots have employed many energy and resource saving technologies at our pilot station in Pilottown, Louisiana. Early on our stewardship of Pilottown, fresh water was a scarcity.  An intricate cistern system was established to provide much needed fresh water that saves valuable resources. After Hurricane Katrina, we remodeled our pilot station with energy efficient windows, insulation and appliances.


As many citizens of Louisiana are acutely aware, coastal restoration has been at the center of Louisiana's future. The Crescent Pilots have provided leadership in the area by partnering with the LSU Agriculture Center, Plaquemines Parish 4-H Chapter and American's Wetlands Conservation Corps to plant cypress trees at Pilottown over the past several years. Additionally, we are actively pressing the maritime and coastal restoration interests to maintain the West Bay Diversion Project so new coastal marsh areas can be developed using the natural sediment of the Mississippi River.


The Crescent River Port Pilots are at the heart of waterborne commerce. Last year the Crescent River Port Pilots piloted over 17,000 vessels into, out of, or through the Lower Mississippi River.